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gta4-logoGrand Theft Auto, one of the first games to offer players an open-world experience, has been a fan-favorite for a long time. Its newest installment – GTA V – is a true work of art and we are convinced that it would remain highly popular for years to come. You can read more about our fascination with GTA V in a review we posted a while ago. In this blog post we will leave Stanley Courtenay from online casino Betsson to tell us his reasons for disliking GTA IV.

The Game Controls

No matter how beautiful and intricate the virtual world of a game is, if its controls are broken, playing it feels like torture. GTA IV’s controls are incredibly stiff and unresponsive, especially while driving. The idea to make the jump button also for hopping over obstacles, climbing and mounting is horrible. You would expect that the small obstacles in the terrain such as fire hydrants and foot-high ledges, will be easily overcome by your character without the need for additional actions. This doesn’t always happen so you are constantly wondering whether you should be hitting the space bar while running just in case you get stuck somewhere.

Story and the Missions

There are many shortcomings to the GTA IV story. The missions are highly repetitive and you are stuck with doing the same thing over and over again – drive to point X, kill someone, escape the cops. Another flaw is the lack of checkpoints for the longer, multi-stage missions. Playing through 20 minutes of cop killing, drug delivering and car chasing is great but having to do it all from the beginning, again and again, when you fail on a certain part of the mission, is simply painful.

The Protagonist

Niko Bellic, a veteran of an unnamed war in Eastern Europe who moves to Liberty City, is the guy you are stuck with playing throughout the entire game. His only motivation seems to be money and he lacks any emotions. When you don’t sympathize with the character you are playing, it just makes the entire game less enjoyable. Niko has no redeeming qualities and given the lack of customization via haircuts or tattoos, he is also quite bland.

With all these flaws, why play the game at all? Frankly, GTA IV’s best feature is its mods. The game can be altered to be something completely different and thanks to the hundreds of creative gamers out there, we get to enjoy a huge variety of possible gaming experiences.